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Silfvastas Holiday Homes – Rental cottages

The history of the company

Silfvastas is the original name of the farm. Let’s go back over three generations to the beginning of the last century. In the year 1906 a big dwelling house and household buildings were built in the village of Pukaro in the Lapinjärvi community. The farming family lived off agriculture and forestry.

As the years went by, the younger generation shifted from agriculture to other businesses. The company Henna House Oy sold Honkarakenne‘s log cabins around the world and the music company Kaj Silfvast was founded.

Life can be surprising and may bring changes. The cottage sales business ceased little by little, but there were two cottages left on the site. The idea of starting a cottage rental business was born. Later an outdoor sauna was also built in the place.

The relationships in the family changed, as well as in the business. The space that was used as an office was renewed into a spacious holiday home. That way, the rental business could be expanded. The name Silfvastas Holiday Homes -under which the cottage rental operates today- was added to the company’s name Kaj Silfvast.

Villa Anne and Villa Henna were named after family members. The holiday apartment Honey was named after a pet dog.

Our company staff

We, Kaj and Liisa Silfvast represent the company’s staff.


  • Cleanliness of our premises, cleanliness of the environment, ecology and comfort.
  • Customer friendly experiences at all times during your stay.
  • Coziness, functionality, aesthetics and experiences for all senses.


We offer you the opportunity to stay in the peace of the countryside for a holiday, celebration, meeting, etc. We give you a sense of caring, service and hospitality.


We maintain and continuously develop our operations to continue to be a well-known and respected tourism company both at home and abroad, to which it is nice to return again.

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