Siirry sisältöön


The sauna is a separate log building and it’s wood-heated.

An absolute favorite of our customers.
Bookable mainly for Villa Anne and Apartment Honey.

Location and surroundings

The fine wood-heated sauna for 10 people was built in 2012 on the bank of the Taasia River, facing towards the rapids.

The distance to the sauna is less than 50 from both Villa Anne and Apartment Honey.

The sun shines all day long over the terrace of the sauna and in the evening the sunset peeks behind the trees.

The path to the beach pier is tiled. You can swim and go into the water using the pier stairs. The water depth is about 1.5 m. You can also fish on the pier.

The sauna is warmed up with firewood and is ready after an hour. Just remember to add enough firewood into the oven to keep the temperature steady. The host heats the sauna according to the customer’s schedules.

Sauna lounge

In the lounge you can make some food. There is a kitchenette with a sink, a stove with two heating plates and a little refrigerator. On top there is a dish drying cabinet and a cabinet for clean dishes. Inside the counter there is cutlery and also other kitchen utensils.

In the sink cabinet there are two trash bins and dish washing liquid.

As to the furniture there is a sofa, a table and stools, There is a fireplace which creates a nice atmosphere while sitting on the sofa enjoying the glow of the fire in the hearth.

There is a small TV.


There are two showers, a bidet and a sink and a toilet.

On the shelves you will find liquid soap, shampoo, sponges, etc.

In the basket there are clean towels for sitting on the benches inside the sauna.

A washing machine is available for our guests.

Steam room

The heart of the sauna is the wood-heated “kiuas” stove. This creates a soft and enjoyable heath. The small spot lights create beautiful dim atmosphere.

The benches can seat up to 10 people.


On the spacious terrace you can sit and cool off while drinking some refreshments after the sauna.

Summer flowers create a beautiful atmosphere. In wintertime during dark evenings you can enjoy candles burning in lanterns or fairy lights.

On the terrace you can hear the sound of the water flowing in the rapids. Birds are singing during summer and in winter if there are no clouds you can admire the starry night sky.

Fire safety

There is a smoke and carbon monoxide detector, a fire extinguisher and fire blanket

Cleaning and sanitation

When cleaning we take special care to prevent virus infections. We use ecological cleaning products.

Pictures of the sauna