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Activities and amenities


Play, read, have fun

There is a small library in the music studio. You are free to take books and magazines for both adults and children, board games as well.

“What did you do when you didn’t have any phones or tablets?” children may ask their parents. Perhaps evenings were spent playing board or card games. It’s good to sit down for a while as a family to spend a good time together either reading or playing.

Music has always meant a lot for Kaj, who plays the accordion and sings beautifully. On summer evenings he can sit outside the house and play. You can listen to the music and some guests have even danced in the courtyard. The music connects, so why not sing together! Are you or someone in your family a music lover? We have three pianos that you can use without restrictions.

Outdoor activities

The spacious courtyard area allows you to spend time together outdoors. During summer you can play Frisbee golf or badminton. Darts are a nice common summer game, as is the so-called “Mölkky” (rules here). There are swings for children and also a garden swing.

You can fish in the river. There is a rowing boat available so you can have a trip on the river upstream. The brown color of the water is due to the clay soil. Both Villa Henna and the sauna have a pier.

Bicycles for both adults and children are available. Enjoy the countryside by riding a bicycle.

Many need rest and silence. The mind calms down in the forest. Pick berries or mushrooms. Perhaps you would like to sit on a chair by the riverside listening to the water flowing while getting rid of your worries and just being relaxed.

Activities in neighborhood

Beaches, views: Nature and hiking, Lapinjärvi
Fitness, skiing:   Exercise
Culture: Cultural Path
Golf: Golf Kouvola, Golf Porvoo
Frisbee-golf course: Liljendal Frisbee golf
Tennis: Tennis Kouvola, Tennis Porvoo
Hiking: Hiking trails in Porvoo, Repovesi National Park
Skiing / Downhill: Messilä Ski Center
Dance venue: Kallioniemi
Indoor swimming pool: Svimming halls
Entertainment Park: Tykkimäki
Animal Park: Kilkkilän Farmi
Childrens playground: Lapinjärvi



All accommodations have free high-speed and reliable internet access (WiFi). The password is in the cottages.


There are free parking places for several cars in the vicinity of the accommodations. No reservation is needed.


You can bring your pet with you. The animal must behave well and, if necessary, kept on a leash. Please do not let the animal come indoors on beds or sofas. We charge €15 for pets per stay. It is good to know we have three little dogs (two Dachshunds and a Jack Russell Terrier).

Food and drinks

The accommodations have well-equipped kitchens with the necessary cookware to have your meals. You will also find the necessary cleaning tools for washing the dishes and tidying up.

Feel free to use the food in the counter (e.g. coffee, tea, sugar, salt, spices, etc.). You can safely drink tap water. We can provide you with some supplies for breakfast for the price of €5 per adult. Unfortunately, we are not able to serve breakfast.

In the charcoal grill you can prepare delicacies, from sausages to steaks and vegetables, and in the spacious barbecue huts you can gather to enjoy your meal and spent some time together.

Local Places to Eat and Grocery Stores: