Siirry sisältöön

Parties and celebrations

Being together, laughing and rejoicing are healthy for both the body and the soul.

Birthdays, Christmas or New Year celebration

Are you a summer child, born when the nature is blooming? Spend your special celebration in a rural idyllic surrounding where you can listen to a nightingale singing congratulations to you.

Celebrate with family and friends.

You can have parties in other seasons as well. Celebrate Christmas or New Year’s.
In the kitchen of the accommodations you can prepare all your food. There is enough space in the freezer.

You don’t have to go home right away after the party is over. Long-distance travelers can stay overnight. Barbecue cottages, an authentic Finnish wood-heated sauna, yard games and more are available.

So far Silfvastas Holiday Homes has been a place to celebrate 35th, 60th and 70th birthday parties. It has been fun. Customers have been pleased with the place and the opportunities it offers.

Bachelor / bachelorette parties (“polterabend”)

A party with your friends before wedding!

It is not always necessary to have some extreme experience. Sometimes it is good to be together with friends, talking, having fun barbecuing, enjoying the sauna, etc.

We have memories of this kind of parties held here in the past. Young Thai ladies celebrated a bachelorette evening to a friend who was going to get married in Thailand. The tables were filled with delicacies that even the host could enjoy. The women were joyful and danced as Kaj was playing and singing. They seemed to feel comfortable in our place, so we think you would agree as well.


Several weddings of the family have been celebrated over the years in this place. A couple of years ago an interesting experience was a Ukrainian wedding. The couple got married under an old apple tree. The festive dishes were prepared in our kitchen and served under a tent out in the garden. Chairs and beautifully covered tables stood on the lawn. The host took his accordion and played the wedding march.

Some people have stayed at our place overnight when the wedding party has been somewhere else.