Siirry sisältöön


What about planning a different kind of meeting?
On the peaceful countryside you can have rest
and refresh at the same time. The journey to our place takes
only an  hour from the metropolitan area.

Facilities and location

You can have meetings either in the music studio or in the big living room of the main building.


In the well-equipped kitchen of the Honey apartment you can have a little break, drink coffee or other refreshment.
Or you can have your lunch at nearby lunch places (Local eateries) or order meals to the place.

Free time

Once the meeting is over it is possible to stay overnight or even over the weekend. Accommodations can be found for up to 16 people, extra beds are available.

In the evening you can relax in the barbecue cottage having a meal and a good drink. You ca leave your stress behind by enjoying an authentic Finnish sauna. Have a walk looking at rural scenery.