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Courses and training

Life is about continuous learning. Would you like to take a course
or perhaps train others on some topic?

Learning, teaching

Would you like to have some thoughts to come as a team to consider and develop activities together? In the midst of new surroundings, new ideas emerge. The nature around is refreshing.

For multi-day events, you can stay here. A large courtyard area with games is also available. You have access to a sauna, as well as barbecues.

Courses for wellness groups

People are interested in their own well-being. Would you have something to share with others? Do you lead an exercise or relaxation group, meditation, yoga, etc.? Gather a group here in the peaceful surroundings of Silfvastas Holiday Homes.

Cycling, Nordic walking, forest hiking, all these are possible. Sauna is a great way to relax so while you’re in it you can also tell about some treatments, for example.

Hobby Groups

Have you been looking for a place where you could bring your hobby groups together? A writing or reading group, perhaps a painting group? You could gather here to seek new inspiration. The rural landscape inspires in a new way.

In the life of the owner of Silfvastas Holiday Homes, Kaj, music has always played a significant role. He has arranged music for choirs, made recordings and performed at various events over the years. There are three pianos here so it is possible to have some music practice as well.

Dog owners and trainers

Here it is possible to take your dog with you. You could gather new owners with their dogs for a puppy meeting, for example. Courses related to animal handling and training are also possible if you like them.